Terms and Conditions

By enrolling you accept the following:

Home Language International (HLI) considers the choice of family to be more important than a specific town and reserves the right to place the student in another area if there is no compatible family in the area of first choice.

If the family we select does not match the requirements as stated on the booking form, students are free to cancel and will receive a complete refund provided the refusal is received no more than 48 hours after the family profile was sent.

If the original family selected cancels through illness or personal problems, a week or less before arrival (which rarely happens but when it does is unavoidable), a new replacement family will be provided but no cancellation will be accepted.

To the best of our knowledge all family details are correct when they are provided and HLI accepts no responsibility for subsequent changes in family circumstances that may occur without ourselves being informed. Please note that if the host family has children, HLI cannot guarantee that they will be present during the stay.

No refunds can be given if any family members are absent or if additional family members are present.

HLI must be notified of any problems or complaints before the end of the stay; if the student is a minor (under 18) it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to inform us. Claims against HLI will only be considered if this is done.

Enrolments are accepted on the condition that students tell us if they have any illness or disabilities, and give us details in advance. HLI reserves the right to send home students who have not disclosed such information and also students who behave in an inappropriate manner. HLI reserves the right to place a student with more than one host teacher or change the family during the stay if we feel it necessary. HLI also reserves the right to organise a homestay with one family and lessons with an outside teacher if a teacher family cannot be found. No guest of the same nationality or mother tongue will stay in the family at the same time as an HLI student. Host families are however allowed to have guests of any nationality providing that they do not interfere with the HLI student’s lessons or share the same language as them.

Please note only one discount can be claimed at any one time.

If transfers are booked HLI must receive flight numbers and arrival times at least one week in advance, otherwise the transfers are cancelled and non-refundable. If no transfers are booked the student should contact the family directly to let them have an approximate arrival time. If the family does not hear from the student, they will not expect them to arrive before 19h00. A mobile phone number is required for all students. Transfers are usually individual but can in rare cases be shared with other students. A supplement may be charged for late arrival if there is a lot of waiting time, as well as for arrivals and departures to/from the host family before 8am or after 8pm.

Cancellations and insurance
Up to 28 days before arrival: £200, €250, US$250.
28 days to 48 hours before arrival: 50% of total fees.
48 hours or less before arrival: 100% of total fees.
After the course start date: 100% of total fees.

Students MUST take out their own insurance against illnesses, accidents to themselves or third parties, loss of property and cancellations.

No refunds will be given for cancellations, accident, illness, loss of property, late arrivals (after the start of the course) or early departures (before the end of the course) or for any other reason. Students MUST take out their own insurance against illnesses, accidents to themselves or third parties and cancellations.
A credit note may be given for the accommodation and lessons, valid for a year.

Furthermore, when programmes with sports and leisure activities are cancelled or altered at any time, we have to refund the payment for the activity side of the booking to the host family in full because they in turn have paid for the activity several months in advance to secure places in busy periods. Therefore sports and leisure activities will be charged in addition to the cancellation fees in all cases.

COVID 19 Cancellations
Up to 48hrs before arrival:
Students can receive a 100% refund on course fees if they are unable to attend the their HLI programme due to travel restrictions imposed by governments in response to Covid-19, either in their home country or their HLI destination.
Less than 48 hrs:
Students can receive a 100% refund on course fees minus deposit £200, €250 or US$250  if they are unable to attend their HLI programme due to travel restrictions imposed by governments in response to Covid-19, either in their home country or their HLI destination.

Alteration charges
Alterations of area, date or programme often mean cancelling one family and finding another, so we must charge £100, €150 or US$150 in every case.

We cannot issue visas but we can send a visa invitation letter by express courier, post or e-mail. It is the responsibility of the client to submit the correct documents to the relevant visa authorities. HLI will supply such documents on request from the client or the agent. If a visa is refused, for example because a document is badly filled in or is missing, the student should submit an application for a second visa, if this is refused HLI will refund all fees paid less the deposit. Please note there are often special requirements for students under 16 staying in the UK for more than 27 days and this can sometimes take the form of a letter to show that the local authority has been notified.

Full fees must be paid at least 4 weeks before arrival in the currency invoiced. Payment may be made by:

1. Bank transfer:
Home Language International Ltd GBP
Sort code 56 00 03
Account no 2682 5090
IBAN: GB54 NWBK 5600 0326 8250 90

Home Language International Ltd EUR
Sort code 56 00 03
Acc no 2385 1317
IBAN GB72 NWBK 6072 1123 8513 17

Home Language International Ltd USD
Sort code             56 00 03
Acc No                  2385 1325
IBAN                     GB33 NWBK 6073 0123 8513 25

IMPORTANT: Please have your bank include the instruction with your Euro or Dollar payment that the payment should NOT be converted when sent on. Even though our accounts are in the UK, we have Euro and Dollar accounts so we need to ensure that the full amount invoiced in the correct currency, is received by us and not converted by any bank.

2. Credit card
Use our secure online booking form www.hli.co.uk/book-your-stay/ . Alternatively, you can ask us for a link to pay directly on our secure payment platform.

Privacy policy
To see our privacy policy, please visit https://www.hli.co.uk/privacy-notice/

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