Language courses for adults and professionals

A Home Language International immersion course means you live the language you are learning and is the fastest, most natural way to learn.

You are staying in your teacher’s home, have one-to-one language lessons and continue to use and practise your language skills sharing the daily life of your teacher’s family during meals, conversations, visits and activities as they all take place in the language you are studying.

Programmes available

All the programmes below include the following:

  • Fully-inspected family homes
  • Private comfortable bedroom
  • 3 meals a day with your host family
  • Local Organisers to help with your stay
  • 24-hour helpline
  • Qualified, experienced host teachers
  • 10-30 hours per week of one-to-one language lessons + the chosen activities (ALL costs included)
  • Certificate of Attendance & Course Report


Classic language programme

Our original and most popular programme for adults. The Classic programme completely immerses you in the target language and culture. You enjoy full board accommodation, private language lessons, and free time outside lessons & mealtimes to explore on your own or share the daily life of your host family.

This programme includes:

  • Full board accommodation in your teacher’s home
  • 15 to 30 hours private language lessons per week

Language programme with activities

Our programme with activities offers you the unique opportunity to put your language skills to immediate use after your lessons with activity based learning. Activities may include visits to local places of interest, national parks, shopping, cooking traditional foods, afternoon tea, bowling, mini-golf, swimming, board games, etc. These will depend on the family location and local events as well as your personal interests. Please let us know which activities are of particular interest to you as this will help us select the most suitable host family.

This programme includes:

  • Full board accommodation in your teacher’s home
  • 10 to 25 hours private language lessons per week
  • 5 to 20 hours activities including entrance fees (where applicable) and transport

Language programme with cultural excursions

We have combined your language course with trips to discover the sights and customs of the country you are visiting. The cultural programme usually includes 3 visits with your teacher or any adult member of the family. Where there is a choice of visits these will depend on family location and your personal preference. All excursions are in the target language so you’ll be learning as you explore!

This programme includes:

  • Full board accommodation in your teacher’s home
  • 10 to 25 hours private language lessons per week
  • 3 cultural visits including transport & entrance fees (where applicable) for you and the accompanying person

Other programmes

2:1 Course

2 students sharing a programme Share your course with a friend, a sibling, or a partner who has the same language level as you, on the same dates and on the same programme and benefit from a 10% reduction each. You share lessons, activities (if applicable) and in most cases also share a room. Choose between 15,20,25 or 30 (60 minute) lessons per week.


Stay with your host family and experience traditional life on a working farm. A unique opportunity to improve your English and take part in the farm activities. The activities vary according to the farm and may include harvesting, fruit picking, collecting eggs, feeding the animals, milking the cows/goats, gardening, etc.

Farmstay 1: Includes full board accommodation, 10 hours of farm activities and 10 hours of private English lessons per week.

Farmstay 2: Includes full board accommodation and 15 hours of farm activities per week (no English lessons).

Our farmstays are available in Ireland and New Zealand.

Homestay Language in Action

Have fun learning a language without any formal lessons.

Enjoy a wide range of activities with a family member such as cultural visits, city tours, visiting castles and museums, art galleries, zoos, parks and gardens with a mix of recreational activities like cooking, baking, shopping, mini golf, bowling, board games, afternoon tea, etc. The activities are decided between you and your host family according to your personal interests and the location. Please let us know which activities are of particular interest to you as this will help us select the most suitable host family.

This programme includes:

  • Full board accommodation in your teacher’s home
  • 15 to 30 hours activities including entrance fees (where applicable) and transport

Accommodation only

Full board (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) or half board (breakfast and evening meal) accommodation with your host family. Enjoy your meals, a private bedroom, and friendly conversation but no lessons or activities.

Lessons only

You have already organised your own accommodation and would like a teacher to come to you. You must stay in a large town offered by us and choose a minimum of 15 hours of language lessons per week.

Programme options

Personalise your course by adding an option with any language course. Combine a classic programme with business & specialised vocabulary or a language and activities programme with sport, there are many possibilities, the choice is yours !


Practise a sport during your stay. The option includes: generally 3 sessions per week of around 1 hour each, rental of equipment (if applicable) and supervised trips. The sessions can be group or individual, their number depends on your level, the sport chosen and the location of your family. The sessions take place with a professional instructor or sometimes when appropriate by a family member.


Spend the day in a famous theme park, discover an exceptional site, attend a sporting event, learn a traditional dance… The option includes: entrance fees for you and the accompanying person (if applicable) and supervised trips. The outing usually takes place in the company of your teacher or an adult family member, and in some cases with a professional instructor.

Business & specialised vocabulary

Designed for students who need to improve their professional language skills. Specialised vocabulary with technical terms in areas such as business, medicine, engineering, law, computing, architecture, tourism, etc. can be provided on request. Please note that our teachers are not actual engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. Families are carefully selected to match your needs and we try to provide a teacher with a similar background to your own.

Teacher refresher course

Designed for language teachers who wish to master their use of the language in the classroom and teaching methodology. Expand your teaching techniques, practise teacher/student role playing, improve and perfect your language skills (accent, fluency, expressions, idioms, etc.) We have expert teachers able to teach at a very advanced level who will build on your existing teaching knowledge and experience.

Exam preparation

Your teacher will design a course to prepare you for an exam (Cambridge English, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS…). Please note that we do not organise the exams. We recommend that you bring your own material, books, previous exam papers and any other material you need to prepare for the exam.

Special diets

We welcome students who have special dietary needs provided we are notified in detail of these in advance. If these diets involve the host family making extra arrangements (such as a gluten-free diet) a supplement will be charged.

Special needs

We welcome students with physical disabilities (such as vision or hearing impairments), emotional or behavioural disorders (such as ADHD) or learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) provided we are notified of these in advance.

Christmas/New Year/Thanksgiving

Any bookings which include the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December (Christmas); the 31st of December and 1st of January (New Year); or the 25th of November in the USA (Thanksgiving) are subject to a supplement. If your stay includes both Christmas and New Year the supplement is charged twice. Book the Language programme with activities during the Christmas or New Year season and fully
experience the traditional festivities together with your host family. Activities typically include traditional meals, decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas fairs & carols, town decorations/lights, shopping, fireworks… (programmes available in countries where Christmas and New Year are traditionally celebrated).

5 Star exclusive

We have therefore selected our most exclusive families who host for the love of teaching and the pleasure of meeting people from different international backgrounds. They will offer you extra comfort including a private bathroom and tailor-made lessons and activities for a truly memorable experience.

Private bathroom

Accommodation with your own private bathroom. Please note this option is not available in all destinations.


This option is specially designed for people who enjoy a very comfortable standard of living at home and who require extra comfort when they come to stay with a host family. You can expect a superior standard of accommodation and meals. VIP stays always include a private bathroom and VIP students can be sure that their teacher has plenty of experience and knows how to satisfy their requirements.


Are you looking for an atypical experience? We can offer unique accommodation around the world (Trullo house, Art-Nouveau villa, mountain chalet, Watermill, waterfront home, etc.) or outside the box activities (organic cooking, nordic skiing, boat trips, meditation, French gastronomy, etc.). Some of our host teachers live in extraordinary places and can offer students an unconventional immersion. Limited availability. Contact us for more information.


We can arrange transfers from the nearest airport, station or seaport to your host family. Transfers are taken care of by the host family, the local organiser or a private driver (usu- ally by car, occasionally by public transport). A mobile phone number is required for all students who book transfers.

Extra nights

Extra nights without lessons can be arranged to allow for flight schedules. Please note that from 4 extra nights onwards a full week is charged.

Meet our native teachers and learn the language of your choice from the comfort of your home.

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Language Programme with Activities

Language Programme with Cultural Excursions


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Accommodation Only

Lessons Only

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