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Enzo & Sara

About Us 

We got married in Doncaster (Yorkshire), where we both worked. We, Enzo and Sara, are an Italo-Scot teaching team. We are both graduates with extensive professional experience: Enzo in the field of engineering and Sara in teaching both History and English. Enzo is also a talented musician, who has played keyboard for local bands. 
Enzo is bi-lingual in Italian- English and also speaks some German. Sara is a native English speaker and also speaks Italian, French and Latin. Together we have taught Trinity and Cambridge English courses from Starters to C1 Advanced. Currently Sara is training to be a Cambridge examiner. We also offer Mathematics, Physics, Italian and History specialised lessons.

 Why we came to Giano Vetusto, Caserta

We came to this area together almost four years ago, following Enzo’s retirement from his engineering job in the UK. Enzo returned to the area where he was born and brought up and where he had worked for many years; e.g in building the Italian Aerospace Research Centre – C.I.R.A. – in Capua. Campania province is stunning; equally renowned for its abundant fruit and its absorbing history. 


Our local area contains no less than five of Italy’s Top Twenty most visited attractions: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Caserta Royal Palace -an Italian Versailles, the archaeological museum of Naples and the blue grotto in Capri. Less than 20 miles from Giano we have Spartacus’ amphitheatre, Hannibal’s Bridge, the Silk Palace at San Leucio (Caserta). In addition, less than 2 hours drive, we have the Amalfi Coast, Monte Cassino and the Greek temples at Paestum.

Caserta Royal Palace

These are all places we have researched and our tours have 5 star ratings!

We look forward to welcoming you,

Enzo & Sara