Top 5 lockdown April Fools jokes !

Since social distancing is in full swing, the opportunity to play pranks on one another will be limited. Many even call for a cancellation of April’s Fool’s Day, Germany going as far as BANNING April Fool’s jokes and Google cancelling its annual April Fools’ hoax. So yes, some pranks are of bad taste given the current pandemic, however we are very much in need of cheering up these days ! So here is a compilation of ideas we selected from the internet which are harmless, easily done and well, funny.

1) The classic and timeless paper fish

Placed on backs and being referred to as ‘poisson d’avril’ . If you have children, have them draw and colour it themselves, for the bravest you can also add a ‘kick me’ on the sign !

2) Swap out the family photos

For those quarantining alone, replace family pictures of the frames behind you in a facetime call, and see if the person you’re video-chatting with notices . Oh you didn’t know my cousin was George Clooney?

3) Autocorrect

We all know how unpredictable autocorrect can be, so why not use this to your advantage and change a word your teenager, dad or girlfriend regularly uses to something they would never say, never mind type? This one will only work if you can get your hands on their phone. Here are the instructions to cause some mischief:
– For Android: Go to Settings > Language & Input > Google Keyboard (or other default keyboard) > Text Correction > Personal Dictionary.
– For iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Tap the + sign at the top right and add in your ‘replacements’. 

4) Toilet paper

The world has been stockpiling toilet paper so this should especially hit the mark: what’s more frustrating than spinning the toilet roll endlessly in search of the end? Spray down the loose edge of the toilet paper roll with a bit of hairspray, the person will roll and roll forever !

5) Food Pranks

Make the most of breakfast, lunch and dinner on April Fool’s day by making the sweet look sour, the sour look sweet!  It doesn’t have to be complicated, the one below is made just using apple, yoghurt and peach.

Happy April Fool’s day everyone !