Top 5 worst lockdown ideas!

We offer total immersion courses in over 30 countries worldwide so one of the most interesting things we find about this pandemic is seeing how different countries are responding. We have compiled the best of the 5 worst lockdown ideas from the world wide web for your enjoyment:

1) Mural painting – UK

During Easter, there were lots of fun family activities ideas suggested on the internet that we could do on lockdown. The Leicester Mercury, a British regional newspaper, suggested we use our wall as a canvas:

(Image: Kate Allan)

While the idea seems nice at first glance, if you have young children you might be suitably horrified by the prospect. Since parents spend a lot of time teaching their little ones NOT to draw on the wall, encouraging them to paint on it would very likely end-up with:

2) Covid cure – Iran

An “Islamic medicine specialist” from Iran urged Iranians to drink camel urine, claiming it could cure coronavirus…. We think it might be best to wait until it’s proven before trying it!

(Picture: EPA)

3) Trikini – Italy

Rome correspondent Megan Williams shared this post of the new Trikini. We are not sure if this is actually a serious commercial endeavour, but the thought of the tanning mark it would leave is not too appealing.

4) Homemade coronavirus mask – Germany

There’s been plenty of pictures of funny homemade coronavirus masks on the internet, artist and designer Max Siedentopf took it to the next level:

(Picture: DEZEEN)

The series of images, called “How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus” was not well received by viewers with many describing the project as insensitive and offensive. We are more concerned about how smelly the shoe might be.

5) Spooky ghosts – Indonesia

Perhaps the strangest social distancing tactic comes from the village of Kepuh who decided to dress as spooky ghosts hoping that terrifying local citizens would make them stay indoors. 

(Picture: Bemorepanda)

Unfortunately, the ghosts have had the opposite effect with locals gathering outside HOPING to see them instead.