French Language Immersion Courses in France for Adults

Parlez-vous français ?

There is no better time to start learning French or to brush up your existing skills than now. Did you know that there are numerous interesting immersion courses available in France for adults?

Here are my favourite picks – allez hop !

France is known for its culture everywhere in the world. Doing a homestay provides an excellent opportunity for getting to know the various faces of the interesting history and modern lifestyle of France. There is so much to see: museums, art galleries, monuments, castles, artisan sites, historic towns, market places, famous neighbourhoods, gardens…

We have kept this in mind and designed four language immersion programmes that combine individual language lessons with cultural excursions. They are available in Paris, French Riviera, Loire Valley and Annecy. You can have this programme with 10 to 25 hours of language lessons per week and enjoy three weekly excursions to the most interesting spots in your chosen area. You will be accompanied to the visits by a family member who will keep you company throughout the visits and make sure you are practising your language skills at the same time!

2. Language Immersion Programme with Wine Tasting

Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay… The French are without a doubt one of the best winemakers in the world. Any aspiring wine connoisseur on a visit to France should take advantage of the numerous opportunities for learning about wine-making. It combines tradition with modern technology, and agriculture with sophistication in a very intriguing way. The intricacies of it are so fascinating that even a non-wine lover would find the topic interesting! This is why we have created a programme that includes language lessons and French wine lessons, and a visit to a vineyard.

Santé !

3. Language & Sports Immersion Programme

Cannot go more than a couple of days without doing sports? We understand! Tennis, golf and horse-riding options are available in all our destinations in France. You can combine the sport option with any of our Language Programmes comprising of lessons and/or other activities. Your family will bring you to your sports session three times a week and pick you up afterwards. All expenses are included so you can fully focus on getting a good workout and maybe picking up some sports vocabulary along the way!

4. Classic Language Immersion Programme in France

Are you an independent traveller wishing to really focus on language studies and immersion? In that case, our Classic Language Programme is the perfect choice for you. The programme simply includes full-board accommodation in a host family with 15 to 30 hours of individual language lessons per week.

On this programme, you have the freedom over your spare time. You can rest, go out or do another independent activity, study or work outside the lessons and mealtimes as you see fit. You get to enjoy the benefits of being in total immersion and getting to know a lovely, local family while making huge progress in your language studies all the while keeping the flexibility in organising your free-time.

5. Business and Special Language Immersion Programmes

All our programmes that include language lessons can be upgraded to include business or special language classes (e.g. Medical, Law). If you need to improve your language skills for work and some special vocabulary is involved, please let us know more and we will provide a tutor who can help you achieve your specific learning goals. We can also help you if you are preparing for a language exam and want to make sure all the odds are on your side.

6. English in France Language Immersion Programme

Do you want to learn English in France? That is absolutely possible, thanks to our extensive network of native English-speaking host families in France. Enjoy the great benefits of being in France while the host family is doing its very best to create an English learning environment in their home.

The tutors are expats who, through their own experience of living and working in a foreign country, are able to offer valuable insight to anyone interested in intercultural communication. They themselves live in an environment where they have to communicate in a foreign language regularly so they are able to empathise with their students on a high level in order to relate to the challenges and rewards of the learning process.