Привет from St Petersburg – One of Our Many Exciting Homestay Destinations

Home Language International has host families in many interesting destinations, including Russia! Our Local Organiser Victor sent us the following greetings from St Petersburg this morning:

Congratulations with 40 years of HLI activities! 

By the way I’m with Home Language International since 1990, that is 29 years! In 1990 I read by chance an advertisement of HLI in the British magazine “The Economist”. I called to HLI or wrote a letter. At that time they were sitting in a small town not far from London. Ian Josephs answered to me and since that time I’m together with HLI if I can say so. All correspondence and communication were by means of telephone or fax, no emails in those times… And I’m glad to be helpful to HLI. My best regards to all members of HLI.  

Organiser Victor with HLI representants
Local Organiser Victor with HLI’s Managing Director Alexia (left) and Marketing Executive Ioana (right)

Victor manages our St Petersburg host families with lots of success. He is one of Home Language International’s most long-standing Local Organisers and was also one of the first outside of the UK! His families receive great reviews which means that Victor is doing a fantastic job in finding lovely people to join our host family network and training them for their role. 🙂

If you would like to learn Russian in St Petersburg, let us know!