Live and study in your private teacher’s home

For more than 40 years Home Language International (HLI) has been offering language immersion programs in over 20 languages and 30 countries worldwide. You live and study in your teacher’s home, receive private language lessons, share 3 meals a day with your host family, and continue to use the language during the rest of your stay as you share the daily life of the family.


Why live & study in your teacher’s home?

Fast progress

Going on a homestay with one-to-one lessons is the fastest way to learn English or any other language we offer. You are the only student and you cannot speak any other language than the one you are learning, this is not only the natural way to learn a language but also the most efficient.


On a full-immersion programme you’re learning not only during lessons but also by practising the language during meals, activities or during the daily family life. One big advantage of this language programme is that you live in the home of your teacher, so that learning doesn’t stop at the end of the lesson.


Another advantage of a one-to-one homestay is that you can choose your dates (from Sunday to Sunday) any time of the year and for the duration you want (minimum one week).

See what they say

Our Students can explain the experience better than anyone. Hear about their experiences and how Home Language International helped them.

Children & teenagers

Language courses for children and teenagers under 18

Adults & professionals

Language courses for adults and professionals over 18

ENGLISH in FRANCE, ITALY & SPAIN: Stay with an English family in your own country. Experience a British immersion near you! Other countries on request.

Online training

Meet our native teachers on our HLI Live Class platform for online language lessons and Virtual home stays. Learn the language of your choice from the comfort of your home.

​​Online courses

HLI Live class and Virtual homestays

What they’re saying about HLI

  • RL, France
    “My teacher focused on what I needed: pronunciation, reading, talking, structures, idioms and American culture.”
  • MR, Japan
    “I learned so many things not only English but culture and different points of view.”
  • RS, Spain
    “Everybody was really nice to me and I’m really sad to leave.”
  • NP, France
    “We would like to thank you for everything you did for our daughter. She enjoyed every minute she had with your family.”
  • BZ, Switzerland
    “A very big thank to you for the always impeccable organisation.”
  • CV, Belgium
    “She adapted her lessons to my needs. I think my speaking has really improved as well as my understanding.”
  • JR, Germany
    “We’d like to recommend this family to everyone interested in learning the English language and HLI as a school.”
  • VE, Russia
    “His English has improved and he forgets sometimes that he is in Russia already and starts speaking English.”
  • JM, England
    “I just wanted to say I had a fantastic holiday. The family were very kind to me and my teacher was first rate.”
  • GR, France
    “My teacher is really friendly and makes me feel welcome. I feel right at home here.”
  • RL, France
    “My teacher focused on what I needed: pronunciation, reading, talking, structures, idioms and American culture.”

The HLI textbook is available on request free of charge to all students taking courses in the UK or Ireland. Please write to us after you have completed your course and we will send it directly to your home.

The Regency School: Our language school in Monaco.

Home Language International is a fully-accredited member of the following organisations

Why ASIC? HLI chose ASIC because it is the largest and only truly international accreditation body enabling students to obtain visas for UK and other countries.

Amongst others, ASIC is recognised by UKVI in the UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the USA, and are members of the British Quality Foundation. For more information about ASIC’s Affiliations & Credentials, please click here. HLI has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation. ASIC have accredited and are currently accrediting institutions in: Australia, Botswana, Cambodia, Denmark, France, Iran, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and Vietnam.

Founded thirty one years ago, today UNOSEL has a membership of seventy professional organisations.

The aim of the Association is to promote and inform the public of the professionalism of its members, to develop consumer confidence by giving consumers genuine guarantees of service, and to keep its members abreast of new developments in the profession. The commitment of the members of UNOSEL is embodied in the European Standard on Language tours, and the UNOSEL quality charter.

In Germany, any employee who has been employed full-time in a company for at least 6 months has the legal right of making use of Bildungsurlaub.

AFNOR published in 1999 the first standard concerning the organization of language stays, AFNOR Standard NF X 50-055.

For several years, UNOSEL and its members have supported the educational projects of the CHAÎNE DE L’ESPOIR.

Since 2018, UNOSEL and all of its labeled members have joined LES ENTREPRISES DU VOYAGE.

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