Live & study

in your teacher's home

20 languages in over 30 countries worldwide!

Never speak your own language!

Established 1979

How does it work?

You stay in an experienced teacher's family home, have one-to-one language lessons, enjoy three meals a day with members of the family and then continue to use the language during the rest of your stay.
You really will be living the language and culture and be amazed at your progress!

Language lessons

Choose 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours per week of private language lessons. Because you are the only student you focus on exactly what you need!
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Combine language lessons with
Sports, Culture and Leisure
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Private bathroom, exam preparation, airport transfers, language for professionals, luxury accommodation and many other options available
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HLI philosophy:
Life's too nice!

Ian Josephs

Our Chief Executive Ian Josephs M.A. (Oxford) originated the idea of living in a teacher's home in 1979 and was first to offer this service so we now welcome more students than any of our competitors. Every student and every HLI worker can reach him any time.

   For students of all ages & levels!

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You need never speak your own language!